Indigo: the Jewel of the Aldesian

137 years ago, the crater-city of Indigo was the pinnacle of modern civilization. The richest among its citizens literally lived in ivory towers. The city, discovered well before then by an eladrin exploration party, had been built on a sea pillar in the middle of an uncharted oceanic crater. The great towers of ivory competed with each other to reach the heavens. Among them, a giant sapphire was suspended in the air. Since that day, Indigo had thrived. The Great Sapphire provided limitless arcane energy to the citizens, and Indigo became the center of the world – until the day the crystal cracked.

Today, Indigo is no longer the world power it once was. It remains free from imperial control, however, which is more than most can say. The sapphire is gone, and so the good people of Indigo press on at the same pace as the rest of the world. It is a time of peace, the longest, in fact, in Indigo’s history.


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